Medical Graduates Work in Australia

  • Medical Graduates Work in Australia

Benefits of Doing Medical Graduates Work in Australia
  • + Beautiful & Peaceful Country.
  • + World Class Healthcare Facilities.
  • + High Earning Job Opportunities.
  • + Developed Economy.
  • + English Speaking Country.
  • + Excellent Education System.
  • + Pleasant weather.
  • + High Living Standards.
  • + Social Securities.

Medical Graduates

Medical Graduates who are looking to work in Australia need to go through a registration process with Australian Medical Council (AMC) before one can procure a job and practice medicine.

Every Applicant Need to do Detailed Preparation of:

Registration process with AMC AMC-MCQ Exam Preparation AMC-Clinical Exam Preparation
English Language Documentation& Financial Requirements Visa & Travel
Job Opportunities Australian Immigration Policies & Process Logistic Arrangement& Local Knowhow

Overseas Career

There is a process involved in order to gain entry in the Australian medical workforce. Overseas Career can support you in this process. Doctors in Australia are given opportunities to work in General Practice and hospital based positions.

Overseas Career we will help you position yourself in the job market by giving importance to the key marketing tools of your job applications, such CV preparation and job interview skills.

Overseas Career can also support you with your paperwork when applying for registration through Australian Health Practitioners Regulation agency (AHPRA).

Our Consultation and Services Include:

  • + Contact Australian Medical Council and have the documents assessed.
  • + IELTS/OET/ TOEFL/PTE requirements for registration with Australian Health Practitioners Regulation agency (AHPRA).
  • + Guidance for Visa.
  • + Training for AMC/MCQ Examination and Clinical Exams
  • + Once through with Limited Registration or Provisional Registration ,Assisting for employment with a hospital or Clinic.
  • + Guidance and support services towards training, registration, employment, exam dates and costs etc.

Medical Registration for International Medical Graduates

Limited registration- All International Medical Graduates-IMGs on the Standard Pathway must pass the Australian Medical Council-AMC ,CATMultiple Choice Questions-MCQ Examination before they can apply to the Board for registration. IMGs who have passed the AMC CAT MCQ can apply for limited registration.

Provisional Registration- IMGs who have passed both the AMC CAT MCQ and the AMC Clinical Examinations before commencing their period of supervised practice in Australia, may apply for provisional registration.

General Registration- IMGs work under supervision in general practice positions or hospital based positions, can applying for General Registration

Salary- General Practitioner Salary in Australia earns in between AU$125,000-AU$150,000


IMGs who have a primary qualification in medicine and surgery awarded by a training institution recognised by both the Australian Medical Council and the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) can apply for assessment under this pathway.

The Standard pathway has two alternative processes leading to the award of the AMC Certificate:

Standard pathway (AMC examinations)- Assessment is by examination only - the AMC CAT MCQ Examination and the AMC Clinical Examination. Most non-specialist applicants will be assessed through this method.

Standard pathway (workplace-based assessment)- Assessment is by examination and workplace-based assessment - the AMC CAT MCQ Examination and workplace-based assessment of clinical skills and knowledge by an AMC-accredited authority. There are limited numbers of assessment programs, and as a result, relatively few applicants are assessed through this pathway.

IMGs on the Standard pathway must successfully complete 12 months of supervised practice (minimum of 47 weeks full-time service) in an approved position.

You can sit MCQ/English either overseas or in Australia and if you want to attend a Bridging Course then we can assist you in your preparation to optimise your performance at this examination.

Standard Pathway

IMGs on the standard Pathway Apply to the AMC.
Apply to the AMC for Standard Pathway and Primary Source Verification
Pass the AMC Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Exam
Pass the AMC Clinical Exam and Receive AMC Certificate
Secure an Employment Offer
Apply to the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) for Provisional Registration
Secure an Employment Offer