Comprehensive Services to Enhance
Your Study Abroad Experience

At Overseas Career, we offer personalized consulting solutions for students seeking higher education opportunities abroad. Our study abroad services are designed to help you achieve your academic goals and make your study abroad journey successful and enriching. Our offerings include:

Countries Covered

We provide consulting services for studying in top destinations, including America, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Our extensive knowledge of these educational systems ensures that you receive the best guidance and support.

University Applications

Applying to universities abroad can be a complex and time-consuming process. We assist with every step of the application process, including:

  • University Selection: Helping you choose universities that match your academic profile and career goals
  • Application Preparation: Guiding you in preparing your application documents, including SOPs, LORs, and resumes.
  • Application Submission: Ensuring your applications are complete and submitted before deadlines.
Post-Arrival Support

Our support doesn’t end once you reach your destination. We offer ongoing assistance to help you settle in and address any challenges you may encounter during your studies.

Career Counseling

Our career counseling services provide guidance on

Course Selection

Choosing the right course is crucial for your academic and career success. Our consultants help you identify courses that align with your interests and career aspirations. We provide detailed information on various programs, their requirements, and career prospects.

Visa Processing

Obtaining a student visa is a critical step in studying abroad. We provide comprehensive support for visa applications, ensuring that you meet all the requirements and submit the necessary documentation.

Pre-Departure Preparations

Preparing for your study abroad journey involves more than just academics. We offer pre-departure briefings that cover essential aspects such as accommodation, travel arrangements, health insurance, and cultural adaptation.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Studying abroad can be expensive, but there are various scholarships and financial aid options available. We help you identify and apply for scholarships that can significantly reduce your financial burden.

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Experience swift and efficient handling of your business and immigration applications. Our expert team ensures minimal delays, providing you with timely updates and quick approvals to help you achieve your international goals faster.

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Our team of seasoned professionals offers expert advice and personalized support. With extensive knowledge and experience, we guide you through every step of the international investment and immigration process, ensuring a smooth and successful journey.

100% Visa Guarantee

Trust in our proven track record of success. We offer a complete guarantee for obtaining your visa, ensuring a secure and reliable path to achieving your international business and residency goals.

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