Target Right, Sell More

Territory mapping with normal map tools leaves too much room for error, confusion, and missed opportunities. SaaS Solar makes it easy to create custom areas,
determine how many customers are in each territory, and quickly assign them to reps.

No more disputes between sales reps over overlaps or poaching

Gather target market demographics to identify key territories and target only qualified leads that match your ideal

Customer profile (ICP) Ensure that the right reps knock on the right doors with real buying potential

Track progress of each information in each territory without losing track of any data point

Quickly generate lists of current customers to ask for referrals

Create Custom Segments

Create custom segments, areas, or regions with high potential, high volume, or high-quality leads. Map territories fast. And assign them faster.

Optimized Routes

Combine territory mapping with sales route planning to give reps the best chance of conversion Plan routes on the fly to improve efficiency

Data-Driven Assignments

Place your reps strategically with intelligent processes and key data points. Access critical historical insights to create placements for maximum impact

Measure Performance

See which territories landed the most accounts, rep performance by region, and locations of highest-value clients to guide your time and resource investments.

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